Our Story

Page House started over 50 years ago as a simple idea, to be in the business of helping others. As a result of Civilian Exclusion Orders after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Japanese Americans faced relocation to internment camps in very poor conditions or the option to move inland, hundreds of miles from coastal cities. However, to move was expensive and little time was allowed for relocation. Lowell Sherratt Sr., then a salesman Aggler and Musser Seed Company, had become friends with a number of Japanese-American farmers. When the Civilian Exclusion Orders were release in 1942, he quietly volunteered to help 10 families move to Page Ranch, about 30 miles west of Cedar City, Utah.

The move from California to Utah was not an easy one, and the convoy of Japanese-American families, led by Lowell, was stopped numerous times and told they could not continue. In the face of opposition Lowell stood on the side of the families he was helping, eventually ensuring their safe passage to the ranch. Lowell’s decision to help was not a popular one but he believed in people and humanity.

Eventually, all 10 families moved away from the area as World War II came to a close and tensions eased. Lowell Sherratt Sr. eventually sold his ownership of the ranch and went on to start a food and grain company, Honeyville Inc. However, the Page House, originally built in 1900, serves as a reminder of what Lowell Sherratt Sr. stood for: selflessness, loyalty, and honesty. Lowell maintained a personality of kindness and a desire to give back throughout his life, often in quiet ways. It was about helping, not receiving recognition.

Lowell Sherratt’s original food and grain business, Honeyville Inc. has continued to grow and serve other businesses. Page House, on the other hand, was created as a way to build on Lowell’s heart of kindness and giving by providing the highest quality food products for every home. By working to clean up the food supply through up-front authenticity and transparency, Page House is invested in your home and your family. Our mission is to make every household safer so you can focus on the things that really matter, the smiles, giggles, and hugs that come from time with the ones you love in the kitchen and around the table.

Our Family

The Page House was about helping families. We started Page House to help our own families find safer food options but we have grown with a desire to help aid families of any shape, size, position, or location. We invite you to be a part of our family, the Page House family. As such we challenge you to be the very best version of you and #ForTheMomentsThatMatter.


Our products are heat-treated in a process which eliminates 99.9% of illness-causing bacteria. This ensures that our flour is safer than any other flour available for worry-free baking and handling.


We focus on helping to keep you and your family safe so that you can focus on the relationships, smiles, and fun that come from creating in the kitchen with the ones you love.



Our commitment to safe food products runs deep, as does our desire to ensure people everywhere do not have to face hunger or malnutrition. We have partnered with Convoy of Hope and a portion of all products sold will go to Convoy of Hope to help end hunger.

Customer Service

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