Page House Heat-Treated Flour is the first of its kind available. While the process of heat-treating flour has existed for over 40 years it has only been available to buy in large quantities and is most commonly used by companies that create raw recipes like cookie dough. This is great for creating safer premade foods, but what about the flour in our own homes? Keeping our own homes and families safe is important to us, and we know you feel the same, that’s why we created Page House Heat-Treated Flour.
Our flour starts as the highest quality non-GMO wheat grown by only the best farms. Then it is processed into all-purpose flour before going through a special heat-treatment process to ensure it is 99.9% free from harmful bacteria. Once our flour is heat-treated it is tested by a third-party lab to ensure it is free from harmful bacteria. Only after these independent lab tests come back with proper results is our flour made ready to be sent to your home.
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