Understanding the Lab Results

How do we ensure that our flour is 99.9% bacteria free? Well, we heat-treat our flour to eliminate any potential bacteria that could be present in flour (and often found in other foods) to ensure the highest level of safety. Then, before we put any bag on the shelf we test it to make sure it meets our high standards and passes the 99.9% test.

On this page, you can view the lab results of your flour by referencing the lot number on your packaging. Below you will also find a key to understand what those lab results mean, from a brief definition of terms to what a safe result means. The test results under the “Results” column represent a score that ensures our flour is 99.9% bacteria free. A test of our flour actually includes 7 individual tests that ensure all aspects of our flour is free from very specific, and general, harmful bacteria.

Lot Number: This number identifies your flour from other production runs. Your lot number is printed on the back of the bag.


Lot Number: 04180680601
Lot Number: 04180730601
Lot Number: 04180720601

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